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My next steps

Please pray that the Lord will provide an exit out of this abusive situation.

Help Me

I’m in an abusive marriage. I feel alone. I feel ashamed. I feel like I did this to myself because I chose to marry him. He’s brought so many people against me and I feel so unloved. Today is my birthday. I don’t know how to be happy today.

Needing healing

I just listened to the podcast on family life yesterday. I ordered the book! I would so appreciate prayer. I was in an abusive marriage for 10 years, but I didn’t know it was abusive. It wasn’t until I accused him of having an affair that God opened my eyes and I realized that I was in an abusive marriage. I always thought it was me! I constantly felt that I was walking on egg shells. I went for counselling, but I wish I could find someone who specializes in domestic abuse and the effects it has on the victim. I praise God that I am no longer married to the abuser, but I still feel like I am being affected by the residual effects of the abuse 5 years later. Would you please pray that God will heal me. I am hoping this book from Ramona will help me to finally be free. God bless you all for all that you do. My heart is for other broken women and I my heart is to set the captives free. Which means I want TOTAL freedom and healing for myself in the mighty Name of Jesus!❤️🙌🏼 PS I actually live in Canada, but it did not give me an option. 😊

Please pray for me

I have been doing in a relationship with my abuser for almost 10 years now, I came into this relationship with a 1 year old and 3 year old twins I now have 8 children with him altogether I have been blaming myself always when he has gotten physical and hit me, I am so depressed today seeing that even after all this time he still has not improved I ask that you please pray for me that I will find a way to make it with my children and out of this safely please pray for me and my little family

My Marriage

I am in a marriage where I feel emotionally and verbally abused, neglected, as if I am the other woman and not his wife. There was physical abuse but I called the police and did something about it but I put a stop to it because I felt bad about it. I am at the point to where I want out. What’s sad is that we are Christians.

GOD okease help me!

Hi Dr Ramona my wonderful brothers and sisters! One of the things that has touched my heart the most in this walk with the LORD is every once in awhile he will bring back to memory something that had hurt me long ago but i had forgotten said it was not that big a deal but the LORD remembered and helped me heal itI said LORD you are the only one who knew that i did not tell anyone but yes it did hurt a lot and thank you for remembering!So that happened this morning i was very concerned that being homeless i was not getting enough of the WORD of GOD churches closed no street services etc!So this morning the LORD goes think of a pastor i did he says O.K thats the Word of GOD right there he has dedicated his life to GOD and followed me all these years that is the living WORD the same with all your brothers and sisters on the internet who pray for you year after year that is the living WORD!So if no one has told you today they love you let me the first i love you and thank you for being the living WORD of GOD in my life!GOD richly bless you brother Danny 3/5/21

pray for me and my broken family

Hi, I am a working woman in a foreign land living with my husband and children. I am a born again christian but struggling hard due to a husband who has personality disorder and grown up children who are very broken.I don’t know where to turn as nobody can help or even understand. I can’t even pray now. I am very depressed, living everyday with so much burden in my heart. My husband is an alcoholic and abusive man, mostly emotional abuse nowadays. He is very manipulative and a bully really. No honesty or sincerity at all. I tried everything with him but no use. I feel like I am trapped in a very bad life long relationship. Nothing seems to work, in fact getting worser everyday. I am in Ireland.

Prayer Request

Dear Ramona, I’m a mother with two daughters (just 2, 3 yrs old) and also a victim of domestic violence. My ex-husband punched me with his fists almost twenty times in front of my children last October (not the first time), one of the reasons I decided to get divorced despite the fact that he has a successful career and earns three times much more than I. He also had an affair when I was pregnant with my second child; he told me that he ended the relationship but obviously, it was not true and he kept sinning. Just like you, I first thought I could change him for the better by prayers (I’m also a devoted Catholic Christian), perseverance, and efforts in every aspect of our relationship. We even did counseling for more than a year but it did not help eventually. I realized that he didn’t really have the sincere desire to change and to restore our relationship. Currently, we are living separately and we are in the midst of a divorce suit. I’m taking care of my girls with my parents and although I’m confident that I made the right decision, I sometimes feel guilty and sorry for my children because I took away their father because of my failure in marriage. I also felt a contradiction inside me that in spirit, I wanted to forgive him but in flesh, I don’t because until this day he and his parents harassed me and my family by sending texts and mails for the visitation rights and etc. without any regrets and apologies for what he has done.I have seen your video today, just accidentally while watching some other Christian videos. Your story is very encouraging for me and I believe that if you could have a happy life despite the experience with you and Ben, I can too have a happy life, someday with a future husband who is healthy in mind, spirit, and body, and also loves Jesus so that he can unite with his wife in every day.
I would appreciate it if you could pray for me and my daughters, my parents that God blesses us to keep them safe and healthy; and that I can achieve the ultimate breakthrough and peace…and someday a future husband whom I can love unconditionally. Lastly, forgiveness so that I can become free from my ex’s power over me. Thank you Ramona.

Please pray for my daughter and granddaughter.

My daughter and granddaughter are living in an abusive environment and need to be delivered. My daughter feels trapped because of her dependence on insulin for a rare type of diabetes and also that she couldn’t protect my 4 yr old granddaughter if the spouse was allowed shared custody if she leaves. Because of his occupation he seems to be above the law. He doesn’t think he has to abide by any rules, agreements or restrictions. I fear for their physical and emotional safety. He claims to be a Christian but doesn’t show any fruits to confirm that. He admitted to faking to be someone else to get my daughter to marry him. He has isolated her from anyone who could be a support network. It is heartbreaking to hear the horrible things that he says and does and know that he is setting his little one up to continue this cycle of abuse. I have been fasting and praying but feel I need others to agree with me in prayer and intercede on their behalf. Thank you so much for helping me to carry this heavy burden. God Bless!

Abusive Husband

I’ve been married to my abusive Husband for 13 years. I pray for a door out for me, my children, and our dog.