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Our Prayer Team meets weekly to pray for all who have submitted requests, and every day, each of us individually prays for the safety, protection, love and comfort of the Lord over your life.

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We have learned that praying for others, especially when we have needs, is a great way to experience the comfort of the Lord. We encourage you to browse the Wall and choose a request to pray for.

Together, let’s lift our requests up to Jesus. He hears us. He loves us. And, His heart is moved by our prayers.

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*For additional information, please refer to our Resource Page, but if you are in imminent danger, call 911. Your safety is what matters most.

So confused

I am so confused. My marriage is a mess. He has never physically hurt me, but has emotionally tied me in knots for the past 6 years. I feel so much of this mess is my doing. If I could fix myself, things would be better. I pray to the Lord. I love Jesus. Why can’t I live myself? Give me strength, wisdom and courage, Jesus to walk the path you intended for me. Help me to find my way out of this mess.

Severe domestic abuse

I am from South Africa im 37 years old and have a boy of 4. My husband abuses me every day. Emotionally Spiritually Physically. I was put on medication for anxiety etc. Im tired and scared. We are leaders in our church which males ot so much worse. Please pray for us

Wisdom, discernment, genuine repentance, healing, forgiveness.

Please pray for wisdom, discernment, genuine repentance, healing, forgiveness.
My husband has been emotionally abusive. He is doing a 22 step study and attending a support group, but lately I feel like his heart has been hardened once again. Please pray for genuine repentance for treating the girls and I with little gentleness or kindness. Please pray for me for wisdom and direction. What are our next steps?


I was married for 40 years to a very abusive man, he passed away 6 years ago. I have remarried a Godly man, 4 years now. I am still experiencing habitual anxiety and fear for no reason. Fear that I will say or do the wrong things, I have a difficult time being free to be me,the guilt I feel is overwhelming at times. He would not approve of my life style, why do I care. Please pray for me to be free of the effects of the abuse in my life

Pray for me

3 weeks ago I finally decided to leave my husband after 7 years of physical, verbal, mental abuse. I have left the home, but he is still pestering me with calls and messages, crying on the phone. I am putting plans together to continue with the small homebaking business we started when he lost his job 2½ years ago. I am so fearful of him and the anxiety is making me feel physically sick. I am so broken. I continue to pray and meditate on God’s word. I read Doctor Ramona’s 7 day devotional Healing Well and Living Free and it has already helped me so much. I am in South Africa. Please pray for my situation. God bless you


Please pray for healing for a dear woman. She had a stroke a few weeks ago.

Feeling trapped

Hi. I was here last month but was not too coherent – my mom, who was my safe place and confidante, was dying of lung cancer and I was a mess. She passed into eternity on Jan 6. I am now alone with my abuser. Been together over 25 yrs. He is much younger than me and treats me more like a mother than a wife. He is verbally and physically abusive, not to mention neglectful of me. He has held one full time job since we moved here 4.5 yrs ago which lasted a year and ended almost 2 yrs ago. We can no longer pay our bills. I receive disability but it’s not enough. He goes out the door daily to “play” with his friends, instead of look for work, while I handle all the details of our life. Woe to me if I express upset over his lack of concern for our predicament. My stress level is through the roof. We moved to a new state to be closer to my mom and family as I have severe lung disease and wanted to be near family as my physical struggles increased. Other family moved away 2 yrs ago, leaving just mom and me. I have a good church and I go to counseling, but I have not fully let the cat out of the bag when it comes to the abuse I endure. I am embarrassed that I have kept it to myself all these years. I am physically unable to do much except sit, I am on oxygen, and told I need a lung transplant or a miracle. My family refuses to help me as long as husband is in my life – this puts me in a horrible bind. Yes, I still love him. Was hoping I could just die in my sleep, but looks like that’s not what God has in mind. Only He can untangle this mess I’ve made for myself. Thank you for your prayers and all you do for women in crisis.

Being mentally free

I’m in my 50’s. I’ve had much abuse in my life. Divorced 2 yrs ago. My two boys have heard the put downs for so many years. Sadly they don’t have the love and kindness they should have for their mom. I carry the sadness and lack of connectedness around with me. It’s heavy and I don’t know how to rid myself of that sadness. They are still with the dad and still! Hear negative things about me. Please pray I can drop this ball and chain.

Sister in abusive relationship

Please help her to break free and let God heal situation. So children won’t repeat abuse and that they could live a better life with the Lord!

Former husband involved in darkness

My former husband was involved in darkness from the time we were married but I didn’t know it until I heard him outwardly asked Satan for his powers as he watched a television show in 1989 . I was born again by this time and said to him he did not want that; that he was asking the devil to take over him. He only repeated his request out loud. Our relationship got worse after that show. He filed for divorce in the 1990’s. He left for a few days after that and something wasn’t right on his return. I did not understand any of that then nor now. I did not let him into our home. He went to our married daughter. She and her husband let him live there until he got an apartment. From there things did not go the way I thought it should or prayed. The Monday after my birthday in 1994 it became final.

As a young man my ex was around a man who called himself a doctor (though he was not medically trained) but used things he put together and gave to those who came to him from all over in the small rural place my former husband was born and reared. He was over to that man’s house often, my former husband said, washing his car. That’s where I think the darkness started he has used against my family. I’m asking for the Lord Jesus to move as a warrior for all my family. Only prayer to the Lord will free my family from evil being used by their own biological dad.