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Our Prayer Team meets weekly to pray for all who have submitted requests, and every day, each of us individually prays for the safety, protection, love and comfort of the Lord over your life.

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We have learned that praying for others, especially when we have needs, is a great way to experience the comfort of the Lord. We encourage you to browse the Wall and choose a request to pray for.

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I’ve been in non married relationship for 5 yrs. Once I made my commitment to the Lord, us being a non married relationship started to severally weigh on me. I bought us rings, asking him to commit himself to the Lord with me to stay abstinent, until we got married. He declined. He also thinks/accuses/condems me of committing infidelity with coworkers/others, having secrete files/emails/phones and other things. Non of it is true. I’ve had many things broken torn abused verbally mentally physically emotionally. I stay, I pray every day for change. Some days are hopeful and seem promising. Then he falls again.
I’m not sure what to have for a prayer. I feel stuck. I don’t want to leave him cause I love him, I know I should, because of all the pain suffering I endure almost daily. It is a battle every single day. I pack up all my stuff, sometimes already on the road, and find myself coming back in tears.

What a life it could be

My husband and I have been together since we were 15. Many years of abuse but these last few months have been more difficult then normal. My husband tried to kill himself and he isn’t anyone I know anymore. Saying so many horrible things to me. Right now I’m living at my moms with a 1 and two year old. Pray that the devil releases his hold. I know I’ll never be able to love him enough so please pray I am also strong.

Strength needed real bad!

Please pray for me. I am 73 years old and homeless. Pray for strength, wisdom and protection.

Losing Hope!

Hi Ramona and all my wonderful brothers and sisters! Please say a prayer for me i am saved yet homeless at 73 with no friends when i get an e-mail that someone prayed for me i feel like i have a friend somewhere and don’t hate myself so much! GOD richly bless you

Financial burdens

I’m praying for the strength to get through my current situation. I’m 30+weeks pregnant, my abuser is currently in jail from assaulting me a little over a week ago. He’s the father and was my main financial provider. I’m in debt and have no money. I’m so stressed about money, and debt collectors calling, and wondering how I’m going to pay my rent. I’m scared I’m going to lose everything I saved for and did to get myself in a better financial status before I met him.

Gods will for my life

I’ve been struggling with depression and feeling sad after I left an abusive relationship.. we have a son together and we keep in contact from time to time but it affects my well being. We are co-parenting, he has moved on since day one we separated but I struggle with the idea of moving on in fear of meeting anyone. I feel fear to date, to be hurt and to let someone into my sons life .. I pray for guidance and that God will leave me to the right path.

Healing and Escape

I have been married to an abuser for the past 30 years and the worst abuse has taken place in the last 5 months. I struggled to separate or divorce for many reasons; primarily my vows before God, my love for him, the affect on our four grown children, and not wanting to ruin his reputation. However, I am ready to get divorced now because he left last Thursday, did not allow me to go with him to visit family, did not leave me any money for emergencies, and did not contact me for three days after he left for a weekend trip that he is still not back from as of Tuesday morning. I am on a fixed income of $914 come next month, have severe allergies to mold and dust, and have bad credit so I need some miracles. I need to leave the state to heal from the constant mold exposure and the wounds from abuse. I need community. I need transportation. I need God’s complete guidance and strength to move forward and out of this abusive marriage, but want to minimize the affect on the children and need wisdom as to how to handle my departure with them. They also will need healing. Thank you for praying for me and my family.


Hi pastor Ramona and all my wonderful brothers and sisters please say a prayer for me I am saved but homeless at 73 years of age and little or no strength left to fight the good fight of faith! GOD richly bless you brother Danny

My daughter’s heart

My daughter Esther is 15. Last year she met a guy the same age and they became friends. At first they just laughed and talked on the phone. He then shared about his life of being traumatized by bullying because he stutters. Esther determined to daily pray for him and to encourage him and prove she was a genuine friend who wouldn’t end up making fun of him and then leaving. Over time she became attached and she thought he did too. However as time went on, Logan would accuse her of bizarre things and even that she lied about ever being bullied herself. He would be nice and then hurtful. He became deceitful and made fun of her and accused her of not being able to live because she was only 15. She said that because she was a Christian. She could love because God “poured out His love in her heart…and that she could love because He first loved her.” So many details here but she is emotionally wrecked. She has become insecure and fearful. She questions everything she does and says. She stopped the things she loved doing like riding horses because she’s unmotivated and afraid. She is a beautiful (not perfect) person inside and out. She was so kind, forgiving, compassionate, encouraging and generous to Logan. Please pray that God would heal her heart and mind and restore what has been so destroyed…and that He would draw her close to Him and reveal her true identity in Christ. Pray also for Logan to repent, be saved, delivered and healed and, if it’s God’s will, to recognize all the goodness of God that Esther tried to show him. May He one day be transformed by the love and grace of God and ask forgiveness even from Esther. There’s much I haven’t shared due to length. Also, if I need to get her counseling, that God would reveal who, when…May He use this to equip her and help her encourage others to flee such relationships. My heart aches so badly. Thank you.

Prayer for my marriage

I’m thankful to start your devotional on YouVersion. We’ve been married for only 3 years. My first husband died from cancer in 2005. My children are 29 and 24. My husband belittles my children and my family. I have a close knit family and his is not. He has called me selfish, he has called my mom poison and he has said that my children will forever suck their mother’s tits ( his words). I cannot change my mind on anything or he calls me a liar. Last Christmas, we were going to celebrate my daughter’s birthday on 12/22 and spend the holidays with my family through 12/26. Both My kids live near my family in Virginia. My kids accepted my husband when we got married but they quickly realized that they are not welcomed to our home.
On the 6 hour drive, he asked if I would like to go to a bar that night to watch a football game after celebrating my daughter’s birthday and I said yes. I forgot that I was going to watch our dog when we got to my 80- year old mom’s house so my son can take his sister out for her birthday. I told my husband that I couldn’t go. He got so mad at me that he left me at my mom’s. We were to stay at my sister’s house and he spent the night at a hotel. The next day he called me and he said he was going back home and I should go home with him. I couldn’t believe it and I asked him to stay and have Christmas with us. He left me and went home. He told me to find a way home. Recently we had a big argument and he moved all my clothes and things to the guest room and told me to leave and to get a lawyer. With every argument he says our marriage is not working and we should get a divorce. Then he will be nice again. He has never apologized for anything. I know I made a commitment. He doesn’t physically abuse me but I do not want to hurt anymore. I do not know what to do. Please pray for us.