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We have learned that praying for others, especially when we have needs, is a great way to experience the comfort of the Lord. We encourage you to browse the Wall and choose a request to pray for.

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Spiritual Battle Cry!!

Hi. I heard you on Family Life Today. I’m reaching out for prayer regarding my baby sister who is 34 years old! She’s had a pretty rough life in the friends department. She was raped at gun point, then blind folded, of course not knowing what would happen. One bad decision after another, led her to a very controlling boyfriend, who she had a daughter with and eventually married, against her families wishes (of course!). He divorced her and now she is wrapped up into some very dark stuff! She’s been heavily involved in the swinger life style and also plays the game dungeons and dragons on a regular basis! She also suffers from bipolar, depression and ADHD. Her physical body is suffering as well… she shakes uncontrollably and can not walk without assistance. Doctors do not have any answers! Because of her mental illness she has always been very immature and it’s very hard to reason with her. Beyond the immaturity, I believe there is a huge spiritual battle going on!! I believe she has opened up a window and invited single-handedly, the demons to “dance” with her! When praying, I’m asking for you to bring out the “Big guns” or should I say, “big swords” major warfare prayer, to command satan to flee in Jesus name! Which my mom and I have done a million times! But we know there is power in prayer! Also, please pray for complete healing of mind, body and soul! She also lives with my mom and stepdad who continues to help her in so many ways and my sisters attitude towards them is very cantankerous! She has her daughter 50% of the time and has no interest in being a mommy so my mom steps in for her granddaughter who is 6 years old. My mom is caught between a rock and a hard place! So I’m also asking for prayer regarding my mom… for wisdom and discernment. Because of all my sisters shenanigans my mom and stepdad’s health seems to be declining. There is so much more to this story, but this is the gist of it.


Dear Lord help my wife return to your ways. She decided many years ago to become an atheist which has caused many of our problems. We have had many arguments about faith, world views and our children. She has mentioned many times about getting a divorce. Dear God help me.

Pray for Conviction and Repentance

When my husband is going through a lot of stress or struggling with sin, especially porn, he tends to get critical of me. He makes some demeaning or critical comments. When I confront him, he denies or tries to make me believe nothing is going on and I’m exaggerating.

The last few days some comments have come out of his mouth and he’s been short with me, tense and it doesn’t take much to get him angry. The other day he apologized for being an ogre.

Please pray that God will convict him and that he will recognize that he that he has a negative, selfish, critical attitude and that his heart is wrong before God and that he will repent.

If his negative and critical spirit continues when he gets home, I’m going to tell him he’s being critical and that if he has something specific to say, please do so, but stop with the critical and negative comments.

In the past when I’ve said something to him, he denies it and withdrawals and silent for a while. He wants respect, but when he acts critical and negative, it’s hurtful and I find it hard to respect him.

We are supposed to have dinner with friends on Saturday night. I don’t want to have to pretend everything is swell and fine when it’s not. Thanks for your prayers.

Provision and hope

My sister is in the middle of a divorce after 29 years with an emotionally abusive husband. Please pray that she realizes that Jesus is her hope, that the judge and lawyers be wise and just and protect her, that she start to grow in confidence that her value is in being God’s beloved creation, that she would find a full time job and provision in a new home. Please pray for the salvation of her 2 daughters, one of whom is also emotionally abusive. And please pray for me for wisdom in how I and my family support her, and against the bitterness and hateful anger that I am struggling with against my brother in law and niece so that I might represent God well.


Endured brutal childhood beatings from a rage-filled alcoholic father, narcissistic mother, scapegoated by “family”. Living in poverty and alone as an adult. Prayed to God my whole life. I am done trying. I am at the end of my rope. Desperately need prayers.

Needing Courage

I am fighting my way to get out of a Marriage of 19 years. My husband is an alcoholic and I now see that what me and my children have experienced has been abuse. It’s hard to give it that name, I was never punched or thrown downstairs but I have had bruises on my arms from being grabbed, pushed shoved, and the verbal abuse is daily. I have given him so many excuses over the years, even now I feel guilty about leaving with my children. I know the Lord is holding us and I need the strength to follow through with leaving. It’s so hard to leave when your husband looks so hurt that you want a divorce, and promises he will change, the drinking will stop, he won’t be such a jerk. I have to leave but I still feel so guilty. Why do I feel guilty when I can look and see that me and my children are victims of abuse? Please Lord give me strength and resolve to do what I need to do.

Churches need education & ministry for aiding the abused

In my 2nd marriage (1994-2007) my husband etched emotional wounds into my 3 kids (his step kids) & me. I was a young Christian, he had been a Christian longer. My church is Bible based & very good. I was vague but reached out for prayers & guidance, only received the scriptures like “wives, submit to your husbands…”; that was my problem though…I was totally submissive. He emotionally, verbally, mentally, & covertly physically abused us. I let him. After 13 years, he moved on to his 3rd wife. My church did nothing. I’m trying to be a godly example to my 3 grown children because I also now have 8 grandchildren. I want to pass on a God-fearing, not man-fearing heritage. Churches look the other way because this is a difficult situation to actively address. Please pray that people will be raised up to handle this issue properly in the church, to help all of us present a true image of God to the world. Thank you. I’ve lived alone in peace & have been healing for 11 years. Need no one but my Lord.

Mother of 9

My husband of 48 years filed for divorce this year. It is ongoing. He has a lifetime of pornography and lust problem. Please pray for God’s will to be done. I pray for a new heart for him and for the truth to set us free. Thank you.

Help needed

I am unable to work because of major health issue from 30 years of abuse. Although I left 5 ½ years ago, between the injustice of the court system, the church that hid and covered the abuse and other inequities, I am struggling financially, emotionally and spiritually. I need help. I need God. I need more than hope, I need an answer.

Where do I start?

As a mom I raised my daughter in the ways of the Lord. She is 35 now and has been in an abusive relationship. She now has PTSD as recently she had been kidnapped at gun point and abused by people. She has two kids, 9 and 10 and they live with me. She is threatening me and has pushed me. Not sure where to go. Thanks. I just got your book.