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33 year verbally emotionally abusive Christian marriage

I’m almost 54 and my body is shutting down, I’m so broken and I should never ever married this abusive person. I am so ashamed I don’t know where to go or what to do next. I need wisdom, guidance and courage I guess. The grief is overwhelming and the shame is impossible.

Healing after abuse and divorce

Please pray for me after the loss of my 35 year marriage. Pray for strength, healing, focus and provision.

Survived now looking to thrive

I survived a rape and a 25 year emotionally abusive relationship with a narcissist but the resulting trauma and PTSD has been a burden. 2 years ago I chose to take steps to seeing myself as victim and be a survivor. I need strength to learn to thrive.

Feeling hopeless mom

My daughter is living in a domestic violence relationship. I knew from day one this is where things would end up. I am so so frustrated with her blindness, denial, and backing him up. It is having a toll on our relationship. This time the kids saw things happen and DCFS had to get involved. They are currently at my house but she has been before. He gives her no room to breathe. She does not see the cycles. It’s just about making it work. Now I worry for the well being of her and the kids. I feel so so helpless. I wish I could just pick them up and take them away. I am always been the one there for her and the kids but I am always made out to be the bad guy. Please pray. Desperate. Thank you

Healing from a lifetime of Abuse

Please pray for my mom and aunts. They have all endured childhood abuse and all suffered domestic violence and/or emotional abuse in their marriages.

My mom is engaged to marry a second time and I am afraid for her mental and emotional well-being. I am afraid the abusive cycle will continue.

My marriage

I am leaving my marriage of 35 years because of verbal and emotional abuse. We have been separated 4 times due to this but it’s never changed. I am struggling once again with his requests for me to change my mind and give him another chance. I know he needs the power of the Holy Spirit to change. I need prayer for the strength to follow through with a dissolution and break the cycle for myself as well and my kids and grandsons.

In need

I filed for divorce months ago, finally leaving an abusive spouse after years of trying to love him and work with him in counseling. I have been going through the worst divorce process- fighting for safety for myself and my kids. The court process has been one thing after another. I am seeking relocation so I can be around my family to raise my kids. We have a court date soon to finally decide this relocation. I need God to move mightily on our behalf so we can be released to love in safety and support of family. I have been advocating for my kids for a long time now and then to have to do it in the court system while opposing counsel seeks to justify his abuse and rehabilitate him with false narratives has been traumatic. All while I have seen Gods hand at work, comforting my heart and giving me divine endurance. I’m coming down the home stretch, I am believing God to see us through to our victory. Please partner in prayer with us.


I appreciate your prayers as I am in a marriage relationship of 23 years and just want more clarity and direction. My husband has not really physically abused me, other than pulling my hair a couple times, and using his physical size to block me or intimidate me. He did for many years have sex with me or just start using me sexually while i was sleeping. This bothered me very much as I was sexually abused as a child and it felt very much the same. My husband has been very covert about the way he emotionally or psychologically abuses me. Looking back i can see how i have been isolated from many people throughout the years since I’ve been married to him. He would take opportunity to embarrass or really humiliate me in front of people. He has had few moments of clarity where he will admit he has said mean things to me to make me feel worse about myself so he can control me. He has been to a therapist for a bit, but the cycle is still a cycle. He just wants things to be good between us, but doesn’t put forth effort to truly be emotionally connected, or even know my heart. I don’t feel known or valued in this relationship. I feel like i am just here to support him in this life he wants, which is comfortable for him. Right now it is difficult, because things seem kind of ok, however even a couple weeks ago he got very angry and stonewalled me because i had talked to him and told him i would like for him to check in with me to just see how I’m doing. He completely turned it around and said i was saying things i never said. It’s so tempting to just settle with this arrangement, though i don’t feel loved or known, or emotionally safe and never really have.

Freedom and peace

I can’t take the abuse any longer. My husband was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, December 5, 2019. It’s going on three years of trying to really leave him. I tried many times to leave and failed every time.

I know I don’t love myself, I know that or I could of left years ago. I love Jesus more then I love myself. I believe he showed me how my faith and trust kept me safe. I want to love myself so I can love my adult children differently, love my new dog with everything in me. I need prayer to find me, to find peace, to feel joy, and to be free, a freedom so I can laugh again, feel again, and breath a new breath. Pray I can do this right and the ugly thought of satan telling me “hey remember what the Bible says, “submit yourself to your husband.” God told me it’s not the kind of submission. Yesterday was my last verbal attack, my last message to him, and my last day of being a victim. Pray I’m fully restored, pray I’m filled with the Holy Ghost, pray my mind stays on Jesus, that I don’t slip, pray I get through my grief with God leading. Pray God puts me where I need to be. Pray for my mind. 30 years is to long, enough is enough. Today is a new day, today is freedom for me. I felt a burden lifted this morning.

Thank you all in advance, and thank you for praying for me.


I’m 32 & just had to leave my home to ensure my safety from my partner. I have just accepted that my bestfriend of 20 years, now fiancè, put his hands on me and physically harmed me. I could go on the myriad of emotions, and/or lack of at times… I just need loving guidance, peace, joy, healing – and clarity on my next steps. I am asking God to send His love & laborers in accordance to His will to intercede on my behalf and keep me lifted. More than that, I ask that you pray for him. That he may be healed of whatever trauma, hurt & afflictions plaguing him, and even more so, that He may be freed of the entanglements and stumbling blocks between him & His relationship with God. It is hard to see someone you love so fall away, but l can’t fall with him. This is something he must work out by himself, away from me with God. I pray he does for his sake. Thank you.