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You've come to the right place. This Prayer Wall is a safe space where you can bring your prayer needs to our team, and know that a group of individuals are interceding on your behalf. We believe in the power of prayer, and no matter where you are or how hopeless you may feel, know that we are on our knees covering you in prayer.

Our Prayer Team meets weekly to pray for all who have submitted requests, and every day, each of us individually prays for the safety, protection, love and comfort of the Lord over your life.

About The Prayer Wall

Please note that when you submit your prayer request, due to the potentially sensitive nature of the content, our team will review all requests before posting any of them to the Prayer Wall. If you do not want your prayer request posted to the Wall, please note this in your message, but be assured, it will still go to our Prayer Team.

We have learned that praying for others, especially when we have needs, is a great way to experience the comfort of the Lord. We encourage you to browse the Wall and choose a request to pray for.

Together, let’s lift our requests up to Jesus. He hears us. He loves us. And, His heart is moved by our prayers.

Thank you for entrusting us with your requests.

*For additional information, please refer to our Resource Page, but if you are in imminent danger, call 911. Your safety is what matters most.

Mother of 9

My husband of 48 years filed for divorce this year. It is ongoing. He has a lifetime of pornography and lust problem. Please pray for God’s will to be done. I pray for a new heart for him and for the truth to set us free. Thank you.

Help needed

I am unable to work because of major health issue from 30 years of abuse. Although I left 5 ½ years ago, between the injustice of the court system, the church that hid and covered the abuse and other inequities, I am struggling financially, emotionally and spiritually. I need help. I need God. I need more than hope, I need an answer.

Where do I start?

As a mom I raised my daughter in the ways of the Lord. She is 35 now and has been in an abusive relationship. She now has PTSD as recently she had been kidnapped at gun point and abused by people. She has two kids, 9 and 10 and they live with me. She is threatening me and has pushed me. Not sure where to go. Thanks. I just got your book.

Praying away the urge to return

Please pray for my wisdom and discernment about seeing my emotionally abusive husband. I have been separated 6 months and he begs me to come back. I care about him but don’t see any change. God has softened my heart towards him but don’t want to return to more abuse. Praying God show me clearly what to do.


God please help me to see the truth and open my eyes. Help my mind and my heart. Please send me a group or a counselor that can help me. Please show me the next step. Please help my husband.


My first husband died 33 years ago. I got married 8 years ago to a man who is 8 years younger than me. It has been a very rocky road. Very stressful and very confusing and mentally abusive. I have a house because of my first husbands death. The man I am married to now left 2 1/2 years ago and has told me over and over that I owe his $45,000 because he supported me for 3 years while living in the house. I know this sounds so crazy and is crazy. I need help in knowing what is right and good in the Lord’s eyes. In Jesus name I pray.



I know it is your grace and mercy that has kept me this far and for this I am truly grateful. Now Father I know I need to get out of this relationship. Please show me the right way, give me courage and continued protection and draw me closer to you. I need you Father, I need to hear from you. Please show me the clear path to freedom. Thank you for Dr. Ramona, and her team. Amen.

Lord Please Help

Heavenly Father,

I ask that you help my children and I to stay safe. Please help us to get the help we need.
I pray you open my husband’s heart and heal him. Help him with his needs and to get closer to you.
In Jesus’ name I pray amen.

Pray for my Daughter

My daughter is in an abusive marriage. She is unhappy and I can see she is losing herself. She is 5 months pregnant with her second child and has a 2 yr. old son. She briefly told me a few things, but I have observed other things and I am worried about her, the baby’s and my grandson’s safety. I have recently asked her how things were going, but she is back in denial and says everything is fine and things weren’t that bad. I will be seeing her the end of this month (I live in another state) and I will be giving her Dr. Ramona’s book. Please pray!!!!

A place to get help, healing from an abusive relationship

Please pray for my daughter. She is single and has no children, and she just broke up with her abusive boyfriend. She is hurting. The abuse and victimization lasted over 3 years. I know that she needs professional counseling to stop the cycle of abuse. She has no health insurance and she is in a desperate and difficult situation. I praise the Lord for answering my prayer to get her away from this abuser. She is my only daughter. I need God’s divine provision to get the help she needs and pray that she will reconcile with the LORD. God Bless you!