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Our Prayer Team meets weekly to pray for all who have submitted requests, and every day, each of us individually prays for the safety, protection, love and comfort of the Lord over your life.

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We have learned that praying for others, especially when we have needs, is a great way to experience the comfort of the Lord. We encourage you to browse the Wall and choose a request to pray for.

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Lord, give me a way out

Lord, please, give me a way out of this marriage, situation, life! I don’t feel your love or protection over me. Guide my path towards a better, freer life for myself and my family. I’m afraid but don’t want to be verbally abused anymore. Am I still your child Lord? Hear this prayer.


Im praying for a lil help. Things have felt a bit hopeless lately and I’ve lost my will. I left the abuser 5 years ago but to this day, he continues to torment and torture me through any lil way possible sometimes through our child – no matter how small or petty. I feel so much guilt over her being caught in his aim. I’m beginning to realize that he will never let me be. He followed us the other day and then sent me a barrage of texts accusing me of something I didn’t do. It’s so stressful! I’ve since blocked him on my phone which has helped immensely. I am coming out with my story slowly which is hard reliving it. I’m worried no one will believe me because it’s been so long and he has been so good at hiding what he did. But honestly I’m doing this in the hope that he will stop trying to control my life and to stop his continual efforts to try & make me miserable. I want to feel as though I’m not being watched and followed all the time. I want to stop living in fear and just live in love surrounded by those I love & who love me. I would like my daughter to know that this is not normal or acceptable. I want us to lead our lives separately but he just won’t let me be. I don’t know what to do. Please pray that I find my way because right now I am lost in the dark. Please pray that my daughter and I no longer have to suffer at his hands and can live our lives in peace and love.

Ready yet so fearful financially

For me and my family to have faith that we are going to be ok financially and strength to let my abuser go. I need to not allow fear to dictate my life anymore and give my abuser the desire to do the right thing and to be surrounded by people that hold him accountable, not give him excuses. Please Father God give us all a way out and peace with decisions as well as guidance and resources! After 30 years, the last few years have become abusive not physical until 2 weeks ago, however emotionally verbally and financial abuse. Not until the last 2 years have I slowly realized it was abuse and a way to control me! Please give me strength as this is going to be painful. Above all, God’s will be done.

Peace, healing and safety for myself and children

Please God protect my children and I. We need you and your guidance right now. I am terrified and ready to leave. Please help my husband see the hurt he is causing through his need to control and manipulate. Please protect my children and help prepare those who are in front of us to see the truth.

Pray that our daughter’s eyes are opened to the truth

Our daughter has been married for 11 years. We saw the big red flags before they were even married and tried to warn her. Her husband isolates her and is always calling from work or wherever and she must always answer the phone when he calls. He doesn’t like her having fun with anyone but himself. They have 4 small children and she hardly ever has a spare moment. He has been brainwashing her and degrading her to where she believes the lies he tells her. Please pray that her eyes will be opened and that she will see the truth and seek freedom from this relationship.


My entire being is tired. For over 20 years, I have labored in prayer, cried, begged, become more submissive, spoke up less, been more forgiving, more loving, less verbal, become more invisible, encouraged more, followed all over the state, covered sin after sin without any repentance and waited for God to act on my and my children’s behalf. I am depleted. Praying for God to break/humble my husband/pastor or remove us from living in this abuse. My son told me today that the only reason he is still home is because of me. This is no way to live. Let him see and feel himself as he really is and how much he hurts us and others in his life.


Lord, I’m confused and not sure what to do as I am trying to hear You. Am I on the path you desire for me, should I stay or should I go. I do not know if I am victimizing myself or if my wife is emotionally abusive (non-physical). How can I know? I feel alone and scared. As a man this makes me feel small and less than and adds fuel to her words when I don’t “man up.” Not even sure what that means anymore. She is not evil and I know she is not the enemy. Thankful this is not a daily occurrence. Help me Jesus and thank You for Moody Radio. Amen.

Daughter and granddaughter with abuser

My daughter was attempting to free herself from an abusive relationship and suddenly changed course, gave into fear and moved back in with the abuser. Now she’s worse than ever and has cut off all communications with her family and friends and is totally under his control. Please pray for strength & wisdom for her and protection for her & my 8 year old granddaughter.

Prayer for adult children raised in abusive home

Thank you for your ministry! It has been 17 years since I left an abusive marriage that lasted 25 years. I am happily remarried but my 2 adult children are single and in their 30s and making poor choices. I feel like the pain in our family never ends. I prayed the cycle of abuse would be broken and for healing for my adult children. I don’t see it happening. Thank you for your prayers.

Clarity for my wife

Please pray for my wife who is divorcing me. I have recently been able to see and admit to the emotional and psychological abuse that I have suffered under over the course of our 20+ yr relationship. This is not a welcome revelation from a man, which leaves me few places to turn. I have been aware of her detached and narcissistic behaviors from the beginning but I was convinced that I was the problem. She has convinced family and friends and COUNSELORS that I am an abusive monster and have had an affair on her. These are complete and utter falsehoods.

I believe with my whole heart that she is bound by her alcoholic upbringing. Her heart is so walled in that she cannot accept love and gain the wonder and beauty of such freedom to be loved.

Whether we end up divorced or not (I do not want this) I am deeply concerned that she will continue to live in a false reality and not come to realize the affects of her actions. This is not only destroying her and our marriage but our children as well. I desire God to reveal to her the pain that created her detached relationship style. I pray that the spirit will guide her heart to the wounds that created this in her. The source is revealed to her.
And, lastly, that she will find forgiveness in her heart for my contribution to triggering her and bring these things out of her.